In this area we can find two lodges: Kapawi and Huaorani EcoLodge. It is located near the Peruvian border in an isolated and untamed area, close to the Pastaza River.

Kapawi is one of the best eco lodges found in the Amazon. Achuar indigenous built the lodge, using traditional techniques combined with low-impact technologies. The Achuar people make up a majority of Kapawi’s staff and receive a monthly rent from the lodge. The surrounding area offers great jungle of lush terra firma forests, flooded forests and various lakes.


There is some excellent birding and good wildlife observing opportunities. Getting to the lodge includes land-transportation to a small town named Shell and then boarding a small aircraft to Kapawi followed by a short canoe trip.

On the other hand, Huaorani lodge is a more rustic lodge designed to be intimate, harmonious and environmentally sustainable way to share time with the Huaorani and experience the richness of their natural environment, while creating the least possible impact on the surroundings. To that end the lodge provides accommodation for a maximum of ten people housed in five comfortable, traditionally built, palm thatched cabins. Our hosts, the Huaorani have inhabited these Amazon headwaters for hundreds of years living as hunters and gathers.