Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Archipelago is situated a 1000 km west of the main land of Ecuador, in the great Pacific Ocean. The islands are situated around the Equator Line. Isabela Island is by far the biggest island. There are six other islands that are over 100 km2 in size. Besides these main islands we find another twelve smaller islands and many small islets and rocks where animal and plant life is abundant. The Galapagos Islands have a very pleasant climate with a hot, wet season, which lasts from January to April, and a cool dry season that lasts from May to December. This cooler season is known for its ‘garua’ a morning mist, which could sometimes give a little drizzling rain. During a normal year, the temperature on the Islands ranges between 15 and 29 degrees Celcius. Below you will find a detailed description of all islands that have visitor sites open for tourism.