Galapagos Diving

Marine life in the Galapagos Marine Reserve is abundant and worldwide known as one of the diving spots you must visit. Here you could not only find beautiful and colorful tropical fishes, but also playful sea lions, sea turtles, friendly dolphins, huge whales and good chances to encounter white tip sharks (endemic) and hammerhead sharks as well. Pretty much anything is possible in the Galapagos Marine Reserve.

Live Aboard

The first possibility is ‘live-aboard’ cruises: this is one of the best ways to experience the diversity of the Galapagos underwater world, as you will explore the best sites the archipelago has to offer. Usually these journeys are for one week or longer with a maximum of three dives per day. There are even possibilities of diving during nighttime. Don’t forget that you should make a reservation several months in advance as there are only a few cruises that offer diving-tours in the islands.

Combined Diving Cruise

The second possibility is a ‘combined diving’ cruise. This is always operated in combination with a naturalist cruise. Usually a small speed-boat with a licensed dive-master plus all diving equipment picks up the divers from the yacht that you’re traveling with so you can combine a naturalist cruise with a wonderful underwater experience! Normally this can be done only with a few boats and only on specific days. This option must always be booked when confirming a cruise with enough time in advance.

Daily Diving Excursions

The final possibility is to take daily-diving excursions from your hotel. This alternative can be offered as a package or as single dives during a specific date.

Additionally, you can select any of the above alternatives and combine them depending on your interests and preferences. For example: a 5 day all-inclusive cruise plus some days in Santa Cruz Island (overnight) to do some daily-dives or take two cruises with different itineraries. The possibilities are plenty and we can help you arrange a wonderful combined tour in this enchanted paradise!