Andean Highlands

The Highlands Regions (La Sierra) consists of ten provinces. In every province are some important peaks to find such as Chimborazo, Cotopaxi and Cayambe. Besides these overwhelming mountains, there are a lot beautiful cities with their own interesting culture. This means there is a wide range of activities to do in this region. Because of the mountaines landscape there are great possibilities to go hiking, biking, horseriding, canyoning and rafting. These excursions are available in one-day tours but you can also do trekkings of a few Avenida de los volcanesdays. In addition to the adventurous activities there are a lot of cultural excursions as well. You can visit the market in Otavalo, do a city tour in Quito or go to the Rose Plantation in Cotopaxi. Places to stay in the mountains are traditional Haciendas, in the forest are the Cloud Forest Lodges and in the cities there are a lot of beautiful Hotels.
Here you can find information of each region.




Quilotoa & Cotopaxi National Park